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FourPhase solution eliminates produced water pump alterations

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FourPhase has successful deployed its DualFlow solids removal technology for an independent E&P company on the Danish Continental Shelf in the North Sea.

The two-month project saw the solids and production performance specialist for the oil and gas sector deliver an initial diagnostic intervention to identify the source of sand from wells on the platform.

The solution also eliminated the need to frequently change out the produced water pumps.

The DualFlow topside solution allowed the largest producing well to be brought back into production by removing sand build-up in the separator and restoring three-phase separation.

In total, the solution saved the operator an estimated $17 million (€14 million) in otherwise lost revenue.

Neil Meldrum, UK managing director at FourPhase said: “Ultimately, we helped the customer to bring back a major producing well while enabling them to maintain a safe production rate. By avoiding pigging we delivered a less carbon-intensive option, one that supports the industries commitment to decarbonisation.”

In addition, FourPhase and the operator worked closely to ensure minimal logistical disruption to equipment and crew due to issues related to COVID-19 social distancing and travel restrictions. FourPhase plans to explore further work with the operator for digitally enabled, and remote operated solutions to optimise production performance while reducing personnel on board.