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Fort Vale launches improved bottom loading coupler for new loading arms

Fort Vale is launching a new version of its Safeload API bottom loading coupler with an aluminium handle to ease operators’ workload.

The new handle reduces the mechanical effort required to open and close the poppet during service, making the Safeload API coupler easier and more comfortable to operate.

Ergonomically designed, it has a grab handle to make it quicker to manoeuvre the coupler onto the tank adaptor and a non-slip ball for extra safety during actuation.

The handle is rugged but lightweight, and is an available option across the entire Safeload API range, which includes a semi-automatic, a high-pressure, and a manual version. 

The Safeload API coupler offers terminals simple but effective design benefits that improve safety and keep maintenance requirements minimal, saving time, Fort Vale says.

Extended triggers cover over 60% of the adaptor circumference, improving connection and reducing wear on the adaptor and a splined spindle offers greater engagement and strength to the handle and internal components than traditional pins.

Instead of wavy springs that can be susceptible to breaking, Safeload has internal compression springs which are more durable, with the actuating springs also being internal and therefore not vulnerable to damage or corrosion.

The Safeload API couplers are at Fort Vale’s own 3rd part approved test facility subjected to tests according to international standards, including an endurance test programme of 250,000 cycles, which represents 10 times the number of cycles called for.

At the start of the year, Fort Vale also launched its new Safeload loading arm system, featuring a balance mechanism manufactured in stainless steel as opposed to traditional cast steel with a coated finish.

This alternative design provides high corrosion resistance and inherent strength and durability.

The base swivel assembly incorporates a three-seal and dual needle/dual ball race bearing combination for maximum axial and radial strength and performance.

The specialist PTFE primary seal is rated for pressures up to 400 bar, making it less prone to splitting in high-pressure operating conditions.

The material is resistant to deterioration caused by product contact and affords the operator low-friction ease of movement, while secondary and tertiary seals protect the swivel mechanism from dirt ingress, increasing the installation’s service life.

The base swivel also features a swivel-stop device to prevent radial over-rotation and collision with adjacent loading arms.

All the loading arm swivels also contain an integral earth system, unique to the Safeload design, which ensures electrical continuity and eliminates the necessity for separate earth wiring.