FMI folded into Institute of Measurement and Control

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The Flow Measurement Institute (FMI) has merged into the Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC) to form a new Flow Measurement Special Interest Group (SIG).

Stephanie Smith, project manager at InstMC, said that the day-to-day running and governance of the FMI would largely stay the same under its new title, with the new Flow Measurement Special Interest Group retaining its current executive committee.

“It’s going to be governed in the same way. For the time being the executive committee is staying the same, they’re calling all the shots in terms of who joins and what their focus is.”

Following the merger, the SIG will have access to InstMC’s resources in publications, marketing and events: “In many ways [the FMI] will carry on same-as, but the events can get bigger, reach out to more people and just have a little bit more behind it in terms of promoting itself”.

Patrick Finlay, Chief Executive of the Institute of Measurement and Control, said in a statement: “Until the FMI was established four years ago, the global flow measurement industry was fragmented, with no single organisation having the resource to address evolving R&D challenges. The InstMC’s newly created Special Interest Group will build on the FMI’s strategic plan to ensure that R&D and standards development is driven by the needs of industry. Its cohesive approach will deliver one voice from a diverse range of talent across industry and academia, and develop a flow measurement infrastructure that helps companies across the world compete more effectively.”

Founded in 2014 by NEL and Coventry University, the FMI has over 550 members globally. Members are drawn from a number of sectors, including the oil and gas industry, manufacturing, academia, service companies and laboratories. Its goal is facilitate collaboration within the flow measurement industry to boost technological advancements and economic growth as well as promoting best practices.