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Flux horizontal container pump certified explosion-proof

The horizontally installed compact Miniflux container pump by German manufacturer Flux has been approved for use in explosion hazard areas (Zone 1).

The pump was designed for draining IBCs via their floor-level outlet and is an alternative to vertical immersion pumps.

When accessing IBCs from above is impossible or very difficult, such as when containers are stacked or ceilings are low, the Miniflux enables pumping directly at the floor-level outlet.

It is suitable for media with a viscosity of up to 1,000mPas.

In comparison to gravity draining via the IBC outlet tap the Miniflux enables a considerably higher delivery rate and delivery head.

Depending on the media and motor, either up to 240l/min can be transferred or a delivery head of up to 13mwc can be achieved.

This means that the media can be rapidly filled into the container or transported to an elevated container.

The mechanical seal design separates the media area from the pump drive, meaning the shaft only comes into contact with the product in the rotor area.

The pump is only 136mm long and weighs just 1.2kg, making it easy to handle and require minimal space.

It can be easily connected to the IBC with a union nut.

Ideally the drive of the Miniflux is provided by a commutator motor or compressed-air motor.