Fluidwell launches flow monitor/totaliser with HART communication

Fluidwell has launched the F018 flow monitor/totaliser with fully integrated HART 7 Communication. The robust F018 is equipped with a digital output and a galvanically isolated analogue output according to the linearised flow rate.

'HART communication is one of the most popular industrial protocols today, due to the wide installed base of 4 - 20mA systems throughout the world' says Eric Rath, GM of the Fluidwell Group in the Netherlands. 'The new F018 with HART offers a reliable solution for applications where you want to benefit from the digital communication with intelligent field devices over existing analogue loops. Save time, cost and aggravation with the simple configuration, setup and troubleshooting. Optimise your process by transmitting the accurate measurement values to your smart control/monitoring systems. Reduce maintenance cost by easy problem solving with continuous diagnostics.'

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