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Fluid handling webinar discusses the quench water process

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Reuters Events will join forces with Pall for a fluid handling webinar.
When it comes to ethylene production, the quench water process can often come with difficult and costly contamination challenges.
Focusing on this, Reuters Events alongside Pall will discuss the Managing Costly Contaminate Challenges by Controlling Emulsions in Ethylene Quench Water Webinar to understand how downstream owners can reduce overall OPEX costs associated with maintenance, product issues, and process efficiencies.
This takes place on on April 22, at 10am EST.
Viewers can join Pall ethylene and technical experts, Tom Wines, director, applications development, research and development and Ken DelGiudice, account manager, who will show how to improve and maximise process efficiencies and ensure quality final product.

During the one-hour webinar, topics to be discussed include:
1. Controlling costly contaminants including poor separation of py-gas from quench water, fouling of downstream equipment and reduction of steam capacity from the DSG (dilution steam generator).
2. Best practices and Technologies to implement to manage specific contaminant challenges
3. Case studies from a U.S. gas cracker and a European naphtha cracker on steam saving and wastewater treatment volume reduction, reduction of cleaning frequency of DSG heat exchangers, strippers
4. Re-boilers and Improved separation of stable emulsions over alternate technology.
Sign up for the webinar and join over 500 downstream professionals for the contaminants discussion.
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