Fluid Handling March/April ’15: A Preview

The latest issue of Fluid Handling will be available in less than a week, and as we move into the second quarter of 2015, it's worth noting just how much exciting new technology has been introduced to the market since the beginning of the year. From turbine pumps to high-functioning pressure sensors, R&D is moving at a rapid pace to ensure process operations are running more efficiently than ever.

News on much of this tech, as well as the latest in certifications and contracts, can be found in our latest issue. If you'd like to see your own products featured click here and you'll find all the contact details you need.

As for features, we've got you covered. The technical team at Valves Online cover the basics of check valves and how to select the right one for your application. Valves as we all know are an ever-changing component, and in an industry where technicality and specialist knowledge are essential it's always helpful to take things 'back to basics' now and then. Plus, industry expert Jesse Yoder presents Flow Research's latest study on the growing vortex flowmeter market.

Elsewhere in the magazine are articles from French manufacturer Desmi, addressing the increasing demand for lube oil and what manufacturers must consider when pumping it, KSB, with a wonderful case study on its involvement in the restoration at Mont St Michel, and Koch Membrane Systems, highlighting its new membrane technology for water treatment.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Don't forget to check out our LinkedIn group or tweet your thoughts @fluidmagnews, and sign up for our free weekly newsletter (and a free copy of the magazine) here.

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