Fluid Handling Magazine Jan/Feb 2015: a preview

Welcome to 2015! A Happy (belated) New Year to all of our readers, we hope you had a great festive break and managed to enjoy some time off after a busy fourth quarter. Now that everyone is back into the swing of things, we're excited to let you know that the first Fluid Handling issue of 2015 is now available.

The Jan/Feb issue focuses on advanced technology and how it is being applied, as well as taking a look at the maintenance of existing tech and using it to full effect. In keeping with the magazine's aim to bring you the best in the business each month, we have some of the process industries' key players offering their thoughts and opinions on various topics throughout this edition.

British-owned manufacturer Flotronic Pumps takes us through five mandatory developments for commercial pump manufacturers over the last few years, giving some insight into the company and its own AODD design. Also in the pump sector, Cat Pumps addresses the challenge of cleaning marine growth from subsea structures via a recent case study.

If valves are what you're looking for, Spirax Sarco's whitepaper on maintenance in preparing for plant outage is a must-read, while SIPOS Aktorik introduces its new advanced actuator design and the importance of valve control's 'unsung heroes'.

It is set to be an exciting year for product development across all sectors, with new technology becoming more and more advanced with extensive research, and we're looking forward to seeing what else is in store as it progresses.

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