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Fluid handling firm rebranded as Exolum

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Exolum is the new name chosen by the CLH Group.

The company carries out oil product storage and transport activities in Spain and is now present in seven other countries following its expansion strategy.

The group has expanded its activity to include the storage, management and transportation of liquid products like chemicals and is also operating in new sectors such as eco–fuels.
The Exolum brand was originally devised as the CLH Group subsidiary dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Exolum represents what we want to be and the way we are evolving. We are a large international company with over 2,000 employees, with a track record of almost 100 years and an extremely high level of excellence in the provision of our services,” said the chairman of Exolum, José Luis López de Silanes.

“We want these initiatives for diversification and adaptation of the company to be aligned with the new challenges of the sector with a change in our corporate identity that reflects our growth and leadership,” added Jorge Lanza, CEO of Exolum. “This brand reflects the transformation process that we are going through internally, to align with the company’s new business models and transmit our company values. These values are innovation and trust, reflecting the open and flexible way that we face the future, promoting new business opportunities committed to the development and sustainability of the planet.”