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Fluid couplings delivered to Malaysian iron ore centre

Voith has delivered 36 fluid couplings that, starting in 2014, will be used in the drives of 16 Beumer Group-supplied belt conveyors at an iron ore distribution centre in Malaysia.

Voith says the fluid couplings protect the components in belt conveyor systems, increasing their availability. They are applied to drives ranging in powers from 200-800kW and will softly start and protect all conveyor system components, minimising unplanned system downtime.

These TVVS-type couplings have a rugged design and are well suited for use under extreme environmental conditions; they dampen torsional vibrations in the driveline and protect against overload.

When it comes online, the new distribution facility will supply customers in the Asian-Pacific region with iron ore from South America. The belt conveyors transport the iron ore from the terminal to the harbour.