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Fluenta launches new flow calibration facility, offering uncertainties of under 1%

Fluenta has launched a new calibration facility, allowing the company’s flowmeters to be calibrated prior to shipment to their final destination.

Calibration reduces set-up times while also increasing the level of accuracy in flowmeters. According to Fluenta, the flow calibration facility provides a reference meter uncertainty of 0.28%.

Fluenta’s flowmeters use ultrasonic technology to deliver accurate measures of flow in a range of different temperatures and flow levels.

The company claims that the new facility is particularly relevant for customers who need better than standard accuracy without having to invest in third party certification by industry bodies. Tests at the Colorado Engineering Experiment Station showed that Fluenta’s range of meters performed with an uncertainty of less than 3% without prior calibration.

Sigurd Aase, CEO of Fluenta, says: “Accuracy can be challenging in flow measurement during periods of low flow velocity or where temperatures vary.” 

“Offering our customers the ability to calibrate meters before they leave the Fluenta factory means they can be confident they will receive the most accurate and consistent readings possible.” 

Fluenta is a specialist in flow sensing, measurement and management using ultrasonic technology, serving the chemical, petrochemical oil and gas markets. Originating from Norway, the company also has offices in the UK, Poland and US.