Fluenta and Wegman renew partnership agreement

Ultrasonic flare metering company Fluenta has renewed its partnership agreement with Netherlands-based liquid and gas flow solutions provider Wegman.

The agreement marks a successful commercial relationship spanning almost a decade that supports Dutch operators with regulatory compliance, safety management, and emissions reductions, Fluenta says.

Wegman provides advice, products, installation and servicing for all aspects of liquid and gas flow technology, including fittings, valves, flow measurement, and process analysis systems.

The company will continue to offer the full Fluenta product range, including its latest flare gas measurement device, the 160X.

Dian Saarloos, director at Wegman, said the company considers Fluenta products a “vital part” of its portfolio.

“The ultrasonic flowmeters are an essential tool for operators, particularly due to their ability to detect leaks during mass balance calculations and provide accurate measurement of very low flow rates. This enhances operators’ ability to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements,” Saarloos said.

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