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Flowserve signs license agreement with New Way Air Bearings

Flowserve, a provider of flow control products and services for the global infrastructure markets, has signed a license agreement with New Way Air Bearings to develop externally pressurised solutions for its seal and pump operations.

By adapting New Way's technology through Flowserve's application experience in fluid motion control, a new generation of rotating equipment becomes possible. With fewer parts, better internal sealing, and improved load-handling capabilities, this next evolution of fluid pumping and sealing solutions promises a step forward for the end user in terms of:
• Improved reliability and process uptime – allowing plant operators to increase asset utilisation
• Lower maintenance costs – leading to better operating margins for plant owners
• Lower energy consumption – enabling customers to further increase profitability while lowering environmental impact
• Waste reduction – by eliminating lubricating oil, customers save money on waste oil disposal and further reduce their environmental footprint.

Flowserve's next generation of fluid motion control equipment will be able to tolerate heat much better than traditional designs, which means they can be applied in a very wide range of applications. Target implementations range from retrofit packages to holistic new solutions.

'One of the long-term trends in the process industry is that electric motors and drives continue getting closer to the work being done,' says Drew Devitt, chairman and CTO of New Way Air Bearings. 'Our technology enables novel ways to take that trend to the next level, leading to shorter, lighter, more efficient, and less complex pumps and compressors.'