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Flowserve rolls out new SIHI KPHX liquid ring compressors

Flowserve Corporation, a global flow control products and services provider, has introduced a new SIHI KPHX liquid ring compressor.

Capable of pressures up to 12 bar, the KPHX also features low noise levels and reduced vibration running, according to the company.

The bearings and mechanical seals are located outside the pump, which should enable the pump to operate with higher reliability while reducing the need for maintenance and eliminating the need for heavy-duty cranes or tools.

The KPHX design has two impellers, the first one divided into two single-flow chambers enabling the impeller cell volume to adjust to the required compression ratio, and uses three-stage compression.

The vanes are curved for more efficient energy transfer and have been designed with an increased hub diameter to withstand greater bending loads and inherent frequencies.

The bearing clearance is reduced to a minimum to prevent shafts bending.

A double-shaft seal design, combined with the method of compression, is said to offer greater safety when compressing explosive mixtures as well as toxic and environmentally hazardous media.

The compressor is available in materials typically required in more demanding operating environments. The compressors comply with NACE Standard MR 0103 and ANSI/NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 on request, making them suitable for use with acid gases. The compressors also meet API 681 requirements.