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Flowrox rolls out its new floating aerator

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Flowrox has strengthened its Environmental Technologies product family by introducing the new Flowrox Floating Aerator.
The turbine surface aerator effectively aerates wastewater or natural water while keeping costs and maintenance low.
The new aerator efficiently transfers and disperses oxygen into the wastewater while the floating design allows fast and easy installation without costly construction.
The under water intake pipe is optimised according to the water depth, ensuring thorough mixing of oxygen-enriched water.
Wide intake pipes reduces clogging and helps keep maintenance to a minimum.
The Flowrox Floating Aerators can be delivered as a fully automated Smart Aeration System with the Flowrox Malibu digital platform. The system can be customised according to site-specific requirements.
The system can be equipped with additional process sensors to monitor pH, oxygen levels and other parameters.