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Flowrox releases new technology for industrial water purification

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Flowrox, a leader in heavy‐duty industrial pumps, pressure filters, valves and instrumentation manufacturing, is releasing to the environmental technology world the Flowrox Plasma Oxidiser.
The Flowrox oxidiser is an effective non-thermal plasma technology for industrial water purification.
It destroys 90 to 99 % pharmaceutical residues from wastewater. Plasma generated oxidants effectively remove colour, odour and organic residues while disinfecting the water.
Treated water runs through the non-thermal plasma field, creating strong oxidants from the treated water and surrounding air.
The oxidants then destroy pollutants and disinfect the water with a lasting effect.
For example, in the case of a hospital the system will degrade pharmaceuticals before the hospital sewage enters the public sewer network and the concentrations are diluted.
The company’s Plasma Oxidiser is a suitable alternative water purification system alternative to ozone, UV and chemical treatment.
Flowrox said its system was safer, more economical and overall a more environmentally friendly solution.
Additional, the firm said the device represented a paradigm shift in oxidative water treatment and industrial water purification.
There is no need for transportation, storage or handling of risky disinfection chemicals, thereby mitigating costs and environmental risks.