Flowrox launches new line of smart products and services

Flowrox, a Finnish heavy-duty industrial valve and pump manufacturer, has launched its new Smart Series of products and the new Malibu platform.

Flowrox Smart products and services will be dedicated to increasing productivity with optimisation and online predictivity through automation and connectivity to help operators garner the full potential of their equipment.

The Smart Series products come equipped with intelligent solutions that will ensure connectivity via the Internet, allowing the consistent monitoring to maximise uptime, reduce unplanned downtime, and help guarantee spare part availability.

Currently, the Flowrox scaling watch already incorporates connectivity to the Internet, including both intelligence and the ability to be connected to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), a term coined to communicate how the interconnectivity of devices to an Internet network can bring added versatility and performance.

Flowrox Smart Series is aimed at industries such as oil and gas, metallurgy, mining, and minerals, among others.

Initially, the company will begin marketing the Smart Series of valves that incorporate a new series of smart sleeves and intelligent positioners with enhanced reporting and wear analysis, which will signal the operator when a valve may be heading toward failure.

Smart pumps will be available later in 2016 with similar features and add-ons.

The Smart Series will also feature the Flowrox Malibu platform, which provides operators with a visual user interface they can use to track valve, pump, or instrument operational parameters

These include the early warning of upset conditions and product failures or reports on a product experiencing deterioration from normal wear and tear.

An Internet-based interface allows users to view process performance, flow rates, pressures, and a variety of variables through an Internet connection, giving operators more control over their equipment.

Todd Loudin, president of Flowrox USA, says the rate of automation is going to explode with all types of products over the coming decade.

‘Not all of our customers are going to be ready for our advancements, but we will be ready when they are,’ adds Loudin.

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