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Flowmeters sent to Azerbaijan for Caspian Sea applications

Litre Meter, a UK-based manufacturer of fluid flow products, has sent 65 VFF positive displacement flow meters with spares to Azerbaijan for use in chemical injection applications in the Caspian Sea.

The VFF MF30 rotary piston flow meters will measure flow of methanol at high pressure – 430 bar (6,326 psi) – in gas field exploration programs.

'Antifreeze' fluids such as methanol are used as thermodynamic inhibitors to lower the freezing point of gas hydrate. They are injected at high pressure into pipelines where there is a risk of hydrates forming and then freezing at low temperature.

Under low temperatures and high pressure, gas hydrates can solidify as crystals which may block the pipeline. This can necessitate a shutdown and the risk of explosion or unintended release of hydrocarbons into the environment.

The VFF positive displacement flow meters are designed to measure the correct amount of methanol needed to prevent hydrate formation. The MF30 meters can be used for measuring liquids at pressure ratings up to 4,000 bar (58,015 psi) and flow rates from 0-90 l/hr, and a viscosity range between 0.8 and 2,000 centistokes.

These can operate over a temperature range of -40 to 150°C (-40 to 302°F), and are constructed in 316 stainless steel with Swagelok end fittings and Kalrez seals.