Flowmeters help deliver safe and clean cooking fuel

Titan Enterprises’ flowmeter technology is playing a vital role in supporting KOKO Networks deliver cheap, safe and clean cooking fuel into African homes.
Designed and built by KOKO Networks, the “KOKO Point” vending machines dispense liquid bioethanol to customers across Nairobi.
Installed inside local shops, these clean fuel ATMs provide fuel in small quantities for daily cooking, and are part of a solution to a widespread problem in African cities - how to get clean fuel for cooking into homes safely and affordably.
Across many African countries, where electricity connections are expensive and unreliable, and mains gas non-existent, the cooking fuel market is dominated by charcoal and paraffin, both of which emit toxic fumes and soot that contribute to the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of people each year.
Bioethanol (essentially industrial-grade alcohol) is an ultra-clean alternative that can be produced from a number of feedstocks.
In East Africa it is a sustainable by-product of the local sugar industry. Until now, however, it has been difficult to package, transport and retail in a safe and cost-efficient way.
By removing the need for single-use plastic bottles, KOKO’s model gets fuel to customers at about half the price of traditional distribution models, creating a scalable solution to the dirty fuels problem.

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