Flowmeter for applications requiring degree of cleanliness

The Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises offers a solution for flow monitoring applications needing a high degree of cleanliness such as found in the ultra-pure water markets.
Production processes in these markets require flow measurement devices able to cope with low flow rates and construction from ultra-pure materials so as to maintain hygienic, sterile and sanitary conditions.
The Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter has a single clean bore measurement tube construction making it ideal for almost any application where cleanliness is important.
Made from high performance Perfluoroalkoxy Alkane (PFA) polymer, the Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeter offers wide chemical resistance and the ability to precisely monitor process flow temperatures up to 60C and pressures up to 28 bar (406 psi).
Using patented ultrasonic technology, with a single unbroken measurement tube, the Metraflow is a non-invasive device with excellent accuracy (calibrated to +/- 1.0% reading) and repeatability across flow ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min.
The Metraflow uses Titan Enterprises patented transit time ultrasonic technology to accurately measure liquid travelling through a PFA flow tube.
Computer and operational connections are separate, permitting setting and interface monitoring during normal operation through the Titan Interface Software.

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