Flow Technology introduces new in-line ultrasonic meter


A leading manufacturer of precision flow measurement instruments, systems and calibrators has introduced the QLF Series in-line ultrasonic flow meter for ultra-low-flow low viscosity liquid applications.

Flow Technology’s QLF meter’s high accuracy and repeatability is achieved through the unique measurement section within the meter body where flow is conditioned and Delta T measured along its axis.

The meter’s principle of operation measures the time difference of an ultrasonic wave traveling with and against the flowing medium.

The time difference is directly proportional to the fluid’s flow rate. Temperature is measured via an RTD embedded into the flow meter body.

The QLF in-line ultrasonic flow meter is a compact, rugged, versatile, cost-effective solution for measuring ultra-low flow in a number of industries, such as aerospace, agricultural, automotive, chemical, oil and gas, industrial, and pharmaceutical.

The meter’s construction makes it the meter of choice for many high purity and corrosive fluids.

Typical measurement application examples include: Small engine fuel consumption; chemical injection systems; water treatment chemical skids and sample stations for cooling towers, boilers and membrane filtration systems; aircraft fuel flow stands; diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) consumption; liquid chromatography; and side stream filtration.

“The QLF’s construction, excellent accuracy, and ability to measure very low flow rates of clean, low viscosity liquid make it a great fit for a range of applications and industries,” said Matt Zajac, Flow Technology marketing manager.


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