Flow sensors help with cheese production analysis

Dairy cooperative ARLA Foods has selected BAUMER’s FlexFlow sensors to obtain more detailed analysis of energy consumption during cheese production at its Falkenberg location in Sweden.
The use of flow sensors which monitor both flow velocity and the temperature of mediums at critical locations in a major dairy processing plant have proved to be very significant in providing vital energy consumption data and ultimately achieving important cost savings.
Arla Foods produces 20,000 tonnes of cottage cheese every year, equivalent to 76.9 tons per day satisfying most of the demand for the Swedish market, as well as exporting to Finland, Denmark and Greece.
Mattias Abrahamsson, production system manager at Arla’s Falkenberg plant said: “In recent years we have placed an increasingly strong focus on monitoring the energy consumption of our plants. However, in certain areas we simply didn’t know where exactly the energy was being used. FlexFlow, the calorimetric flow sensor supplied by Baumer helped us achieve the breakthrough.
“We installed these sensors at the neuralgic points in our cooling and heating system and used the measurement results to...

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