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Flow monitoring in potentially explosive atmospheres

Titan Enterprises offers special options for its Oval Gear flowmeters to ensure safe operation in potentially dangerous atmospheres like in the petrochemical industry.
Based upon a proprietary oval gear design, Titan OG Series flowmeters are designed to give reliable, high performance across a wide range of applications.
Unlike other types of flowmeter, the measurement accuracy of these oval gear flowmeters improves as liquid viscosity increases, from a nominal 1% towards 0.1% of flow rate at higher viscosities.
Titan OG flowmeters are also available to pressure in excess of 700bar, where required.
Standard versions of these Oval Gear flow meters use electrical pulsed outputs and therefore Titan has developed options to ensure they meet the requirements for safe use in hazardous atmospheres.
Titan offer two options for ATEX compliant operation of its Oval Gear flow meters in explosive atmospheres.
A simple option for monitoring flow in an explosive atmosphere is based upon using a Reed switch that operates via the customers intrinsically safe circuit.
The second ATEX compliant approach uses a fully certified NAMUR Proximity Switch to give the pulsed output from the oval gear meter. For customers that elect for this option, Titan will install the switch into the Oval Gear flow meter and can supply the appropriate amplifier if required.
For any installation in potentially explosive atmospheres, operators must ensure that correct standards are maintained for the full electrical installation, but with the two options available throughout the Titan OG range, you have the choice to optimise your installation depending on process and environment requirements.

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