Flow measurement devices integral to smart water metering systems

Titan Enterprises has revealed a growing demand for precision flow measurement devices from manufacturers of domestic and industrial water-consumption appliances to integrate as part of a smart water meter system.
With year-on-year increases in water usage for domestic and industrial purposes, smart water flow metering solutions - with integrated Titan liquid flow sensors, help to manage end user demand and monitor water consumption, enhancing water conservation.
Manufacturers of appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and showers, are looking for effective solutions to ensure that water intake is measured and accurately controlled.
Integration of precision flow meters into smart water metering systems to monitor water usage helps to mitigate the growing threats to global water security.
Titan’s wide range of water flow metering solutions have proven reliability and longevity, as well as delivering on repeatability and accuracy – highly important features for smart water meter systems.
Neil Hannay, senior R&D engineer at Titan Enterprises, said: "Titan’s turbine flow meters are industry proven flow devices utilising sapphire bearings for long life and reliability.
“These simple flow monitoring devices are well suited for installation into systems that require long term repeat dosing, batch filling or dispensing of liquids – including clean water or dirty wastewater. This makes Titan turbine flow meters an ideal low-cost OEM component for integration into, for example, industrial washing machines, to monitor water efficiency. For more complex applications, for instance throughout a complete building or industrial site containing multiple water systems using water at different rates, we offer our Atrato ultrasonic water flow meter technology.”
The patented ultrasonic flow technology of Titan’s Atrato enables it to operate with high accuracy (better than +/-1.0%) over a wide flow range. Titan’s ultrasonic flow sensors use high frequency sound waves to measure flow, helping to improve the reliability and extend low flow accuracy.

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