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Flexible flowmeter platform from Titan Enterprises

Titan Enterprises has announced the 'Hedgehog', an electronic development platform for OEM applications based upon the company's Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter.

The instrument has the capability of running up to 4 flow sensors simultaneously with real time analysis. The software interface permits a wide operating envelope allowing OEM products to be developed for 0.5 to 20mm pipes including in-line and clamp-on devices. The structure is such that software changes can be simply 'dragged and dropped' into a box in the interface permitting remote on-board logic updating and system re-programming.

A full array of inlets and outlets are available including both analogue and high speed logic signals for fast response system requirements. Smaller single channel versions 'Hoglets' have also been produced to enable testing of single pre-production meters where space may be at a premium.