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Five key strategies to extend maintenance intervals and reduce costs

When replacing a single fluid system component, it is important to remember that the replacement costs encompass more than just the price of the part. There are the internal costs of procurement, installation and maintenance. In addition, the productivity loss that results when equipment must be shut down during maintenance is also an expense.

Though the overall safety of a plant is paramount, these accumulated costs will affect the plant’s bottom line. Therefore, it is critical to keep components in proper working order as long as possible. Thankfully, several well-established strategies exist to help plant managers do just that, while also reducing maintenance costs and improving overall plant safety.

Design the system properly

Proper fluid system design is a critical element of keeping systems operating properly, especially given that many variables can affect the resilience of a component. Everything from pressure and temperature fluctuations to water hammer, vibration and contamination – among other variables – affects the way systems operate, and these variables necessarily have an impact on the lifespan of...

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