Finnish heat pump expertise wins plaudits at awards

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The Finnish energy technology company Oilon and energy firm Helen have won a heat pump award in the DecarBuilding series with their new solution.
The competition, arranged by the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) since 2011, rewards most innovative and energy-efficient heat pump projects on the continent.
The award was given for a new type of heat pump solution where the heat sources are the building’s waste water, the waste heat generated by the refrigerators and cooling systems and geothermal heat.
Additionally, when the amount of heat generated exceeds the consumption in the building, it will be supplied into the Helen network as district heat.
“Not a single joule of energy is wasted here,” said Oilon chief business officer Martti Kukkola.
The concept, born in partnership between the energy companies, has taken the energy efficiency and environmentalism of new construction projects to another level.
It is a result of patient product development efforts done by Oilon in terms of heat pump technology and together with Helen in terms of waste heat recovery.
The goal of two-way energy generation and use is to achieve full carbon neutrality in the production of heat and cooling. Heat pumps have a large role to play here
“Many different means are needed on the road to carbon neutrality and energy independence, among which powerful heat pumps are some of the best,” added Kukkola. “The most innovative aspect is that various heat sources can be utilised at different times of the year together at an optimal and carbon-neutral way.”

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