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Finish Thompson expands AODD pump range with two larger models

Finish Thompson's new FTI AODD pumps provide higher flow rates and pressures
Finish Thompson's new FTI AODD pumps provide higher flow rates and pressures

Finish Thompson has expanded its line of FTI air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps with the addition of new larger 3” models.

The new metallic models – the FT30A and FT30S – are available in stainless steel and aluminium and due to a suction and discharge size of 3x3”, they are capable of delivering flow rates up to 908l/min and maximum discharge pressures of 8.3 bar.

The larger models extend the capabilities of the pump line and bring the benefits of using AODD pumps to a wider range of pumping applications.

Such benefits include simple installation, ease of operation, reduced maintenance resulting in lower running costs, and self-priming and dry-run capability.

Furthermore, AODD pumps are suited to handling abrasive, viscous, and shear-sensitive liquids and even “dirty” liquids with particles up to 12mm.

In common with the other FTI models, the new options include a unique lube-free air valve design, meaning the valve has fewer components compared to other air valves, resulting in reduced servicing time and the associated maintenance costs and downtime.

The air valve components include a low friction slide valve on a ceramic plate to allow for long-life and high-efficiency sealing, and a moulded Buna gasket which ensures total sealing and eliminates flat gasket tearing.

Also, air is used through a slot in the diaphragm shaft to shift the valve, eliminating the need for a separate pilot valve or mechanically operated pilot valve.

In addition, the valves’ modular construction results in simplified maintenance with individually replaceable, lower cost wearing parts that do not require special tools for fitting.

Single piece flow assembly procedures means that every pump is built to the highest quality specification and subjected to a three point test for vacuum, leakage, and running ability.

While flooded suction is the most common installation for the FTI pumps, they can also be used in suction lift applications where the pump is installed above or even submerged in the liquid.

AODD pumps are well suited to a wide range of pumping applications in many industries, such as chemical manufacturing, mining, paints and coatings, ceramics, pulp and paper, electroplating and anodising, and wastewater.

Finish Thompson's new FTI AODD pumps provide higher flow rates and pressures