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Suck it up, pressurise it and send it to the treatment plant.
In theory, this should be a straightforward job for pumps at a lift station. However, as we all know, the curse of so-called ‘flushable’ products in our sewer systems is also proving that some so-called ‘non-clogging pumps’ are getting clogged.
If you do not have a problematical lift station in your network, you are either lucky or have the most environmentally responsible residents in the country. Or perhaps you have already solved the beast of a problem with a piece of equipment that has been around for over 70 years.
As more maintenance teams are having to contend with, the rise in non-biodegradable products almost inevitably results in problems for wastewater lift stations.
This critical piece of infrastructure is further hindered by today’s low-flow household wastewater systems that honourably save water, but allow solids to build up.
Unclogging the supposedly non-clogging pump can be a thoroughly unpleasant job, especially for example, in Daphne, Alabama, where its main lift station at Windscape was besieged with ragging issues to the point of having a vac truck...

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