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Filter Pump redesigns Penguin Series P-HF high flow vertical pumps

Filter Pump has re-designed its series of high flow vertical pumps designed to handle a large range of chemicals without difficulty.

The newly designed Penguin Series P-HF pumps feature a unique air purge port that provides positive air displacement. This prevents corrosive fumes from entering the motor and causing damage to the bearings and motor winding.

All wetted surfaces of the P-HF Series pumps are CPVC for fluids compatibility, able to withstand operating temperatures of 82⁰C at flow rates up to 400gpm. Ridged, chemically bonded construction enables these pumps to transfer slurries and abrasive solutions.

High efficiency of operation, low maintenance, and ease-of-installation make the P-HF Pumps well-suited for semi-conductor, printed circuit board, and metal surface finishing industries; wastewater treatment; fume scrubbing; and eductor systems. All pumps are factory bench-tested.