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Festo launches new VPPX proportional valve

Festo, an automation technology supplier, has launched a new proportional valve VPPX with an external sensor input, offering users improved performance and flexibility, and excellent process quality. 

The valve is a proportional integral derivative (PID) controller well-suited for industrial control systems found in process, packaging and water and wastewater applications.

The valve incorporates an external sensor to cancel out friction, hysteresis, and leakage, which according to Festo enables engineers to build faster and more accurate machines and systems, while enhancing the quality and efficiency of their processes.

Significant time savings can also be made, even in simple pressure regulation, with the sensor integrated into the system.

The VPPX valve is programmable using Festo configuration tools (FCT), which make it possible to select the control circuit (internal/external), the control behaviour (direct/inverted), the setpoint value, actual value and sensor signals (current/voltage).

The system gives users increased flexibility as they can decide at the last minute how the signal should be transferred to the control system.

The setpoint value, initial pressure and external sensor’s signal can be viewed in real time on the oscillascope, and parameters can be adjusted for the optimum control characteristics, with set values recorded for future use. 

The VPPX proportional valve is well-suited for many applications, including level control in bottling systems, reservoir control, or handling of powders and granules with the aid of a pinch valve.

The valve is also suitable for use in simple positioning tasks in process automation, for speed adjustment in pneumatic motors, and for pressure control with internal or external sensor, force, torque, vacuum and flow control.