Festo introduces new line of solenoid and pneumatic valves, valve manifolds

Festo has introduced its new VS series of piston-spool solenoid and pneumatic valves and valve manifolds. This new generation of individually wired valves is designed to give years of dependable service while helping OEMs lower the costs of acquisition, assembly, and inventory.

The high-flow rate VS series is ideal for simple clamping and locking operations in semiautomatic assembly, end-of-line packaging, conveying, painting, open-pit mining, woodworking, and other applications. The valves can be applied in explosive environments and can be modified to meet the IP67 standard for dust and immersion resistance.

The VS series is comprised of VUVS solenoid valves, VUWS pneumatic valves, and the VTUS valve manifolds. VS series flow rate ranges from 700 l/min to 2,000 l/min. Pressure ranges from 0-10 bar and from 2.5 to 10 bar for internally piloted valves. Valve types include 3/2, 5/2, and 5/3. Valve widths range from .79" to 1.2".

Festo will assemble ready-to-install valves to the OEM's requirement complete with silencers, fittings, and coils. The company will also mount VTUS valve manifolds separately on a manifold rail and configure it to the OEM's specifications.

A range of accessories, including a selection of DC and AC voltage coils, contributes to lower inventory requirements and greater flexibility. Rather than having to inventory a large selection of separate valve/coil combinations, for example, OEMs can mount DC or AC coils themselves or order valves pre-assembled. In addition to coils, other accessories include seal kit for the IP67 standard, supply manifold, compact and standard manifold rails, blanking plates, check valves for manifold rails with exhaust air ducting, wall mounting plate, foot mounting bracket, and ATEX variants. G and NPT port styles are available in 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 sizes respectively.

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