Federal introduces high-speed filling machines for food industry

Federal has released a news series of level filling machines using Pro Mach technologies for shelf-stable beverages and viscous foods.

The new machines are suitable for shelf-stable juices and drinks, salad dressing, salsa, ketchup, and other such viscous sauces.

The filler is compatible with beverage containers sized from 6 to 32 ounces and viscous food containers between 4 ounces and a gallon.

The manufacturer rates the filling speed at hundreds per minute depending on container size, with an example of a machine filling viscous hot sauce quart containers at a rate of 350 per minute.

The new machines feature quick changeover, wide flexibility in container sizes, and 3-A certification for hygienic design, construction, and operation.

According to Federal the machines add positive pressure and siphon-like suction to level-filling valves in a two-vessel design, which eliminates the need for pistons, which tend to require considerable time to clean and change over when a new container size runs on the line.

The two-vessel system also accommodates heated or insulated tanks for filling shelf-stable beverages.

The new filler range features stainless steel 3-A certified sanitary construction.

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