Feature: The features and uses of hydraulic slow closure ball valves

What to expect when specifying hydraulic ball valves for a project

Hydraulic slow closure sanitary ball valves provide small flow resistance coefficient, high degree of automation, wide range of functions, and stable and reliable performance.

These features have been applied in all kinds of industries and fields, with the main applications including:

  1. Replacing the functions of electric gate valves and sanitary check valves at the outlet of a water pump, which integrates the machine, electric, and liquid system, thus reducing the area covered and infrastructure spending.

  2. Electro-hydraulic control function is complete. Hydraulic ball valves can be debugged and controlled as a stand-alone system on site without additional configuration. They can also be used as a device unit of a distributed control system (DCS), managed by central computers through an I/O channel to achieve coordinated operation with pumps, hydraulic turbines, bypass valves and other pipeline equipment. The valves can also be manually opened and closed even without power supply, meeting the debugging and control requirements of valves...

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