Feature: Comfort and confidence

Wastewater treatment plant operators work confidently with complete system measurement

Wastewater treatment is a vitally important process. Just ask the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal’s assistant chief water and sewer operator, Eric Wemerman: “For a community to keep everyone’s trust you want to make sure you’re operating a good system.”

“When people flush their toilets you need to get that away and be treated so there’s health reasons why we treat everything. And environmental too, because what we treat gets put back into the St. Lawrence River and becomes someone else’s drinking water downstream,” Wemerman continues. “So, we want to ensure that we’re creating the most clean effluent, not only to protect the environment but for downstream users. The mindset that what we have here is the same as people upstream.”

The Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal is a smaller community of about 6,900 people, located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. One of the challenges of operating the wastewater treatment system for such a small community, explains Wemerman, is that the working parts of the wastewater system are...

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