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Feature: A pump for all occasions

Axial piston pumps are used in many industrial applications providing a great deal of motive power, efficiently translating the rotary motion of a prime mover into hydraulic oil flow that can be easily routed and used for a vast range of tasks

Hydraulic pumps come in many shapes and sizes, but one of the most versatile is the axial piston pump, which can be arranged as a pump or a motor, depending on the application. Coupled with a choice of control mechanisms, the axial piston pump can be applied to a myriad of tasks. The basic design provides an efficient delivery of power, which has led to an increasing number being specified in favour of fixed displacement gear or vane pumps.

At the heart of the axial piston pump is a group of finely machined pistons that are fitted inside a round cylinder barrel which rotates. In a fixed displacement pump, the cylinder barrel is inclined at an angle to the drive shaft so that as the cylinder rotates one revolution, the pistons complete a full stroke. The total displacement of the pump is determined by the size and number of pistons, as well as the length of the stroke, which is determined by the angle of...

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