FCI unveils new flow meter targeted at power generation plants

California-based Fluid Components International (FCI) has unveiled a new flow meter called ST100.

According to the flow measurement company, its new ST100 Air/Gas Thermal Flow Meter features a fast-response direct mass flow sensor for the close ratio control of natural gas and air feeds to support turbine safety and improve efficiency.

It is targeted at engineers at combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) electric power generation plants.

In a statement, the company said: “Installing a direct mass device such as FCI’s ST100 Thermal Flow Meter in the process control loop offers a number of advantages.  It allows the operator to achieve a direct ratio of control between the natural gas, the air and waste gas fuels without any corrections for pressure, temperature or density, which requires extra components and possibly extra offsets and failures.

“FCI’s thermal flow meters with their direct mass flow sensors are installed at dozens of CCGT power plants throughout the world.  They measure the mass flow rates of both natural gas and air in line sizes from small 1-inch gas pipes to large 2000-x-2000-mm air inlet ducts.”

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