Fast valve response keeps seaside town dry

T-T Pumps successfully supplied South West Water with recoil non-slam check valves during a sewer upgrade project at Fowey, UK.
Over the past few years, the residents in the town in South Cornwall have been experiencing several internal and external sewer flooding events.
To protect residents from future flooding and enhance public health, South West Water designed a new sewer installation project that would transform the 70 metre-long existing sewer between Whitford Yard and the Town Quay pumping station into a modern service residents could rely upon not to flood.
The project South West Water undertook was not without its challenges.
The water firm’s planning for the Fowey sewer upgrade was detailed and included state-of-the-art valves that would be integral to deliver a reliable defence against any future flooding.
Once the project's specifications were complete, it was apparent which company had the valve technology needed and could supply this time-sensitive project with ease.
Gareth Reece, internal sales engineer, T-T Flow, said: “T-T Pumps were clearly the ideal supplier as these valves are ready to go from stock.
“The time constraints and circumstances involved in this project due to low tide, access to the public areas, harbour master accommodating the installation and a trailer full of safety equipment already set up, meant that we had to react quickly and efficiently to hit these tight deadlines. Due to our flexible approach and constant customer communication, we were able to arrange dedicated transport to ensure they arrived on-time.”
The T-T Flow recoil check valves unique design ensures rapid closure where extreme flow exists. Its robust design incorporates an angled seat, and its high eccentricity design reduces the risk of water hammer and valve slam.
As a result, the DN150 was a perfect choice for the demanding environment of the new Fowey sewer.
Managing director Bob Nash added: “T-T Flow have invested heavily in our UK in-house research and development team. Utilising the latest design software, we are constantly able to re-evaluate our products which gives us the flexibility to meet our customer’s ever-changing needs.”

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