Facing up to the challenges

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The chemical supply chain plays a critical role in society, providing countless products on which people, organisations and governments rely on.
As those in the biofuels sector will be aware, the industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, including the impact of Brexit and the skills gap.
Tim Doggett, CEO of the Chemical Business Association (CBA), discusses these issues and explains the initiatives taking place to address them.
Vital role of industry
Without the chemical supply chain, everyday lives would grind to a halt. As over 97% of manufactured goods, globally, contain a chemical input, disruption to the supply chain can prevent manufacturers from producing and supplying the products that everyone relies on.
With biofuels alone, disruption would cause tremendous problems for sectors like energy and transportation, while affecting the myriad of other industries that rely on its by-products.
In this sense, the chemical supply chain is, undeniably, vital for everyday life and it would be impossible to imagine a functioning modern society and economy without it.
The legacy of Brexit

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