ExxonMobil to increase production at petrochem site

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ExxonMobil aims to add 20,000 bpd of light, heavy and extra-heavy lubricant base stocks when upgrades to its Singapore integrated refining and petrochemical complex are completed.
The Singapore Resid Upgrade Project will expand large-scale production of ExxonMobil’s global EHCTM Group II slate to meet growing demand for high-performance lubricants in the Asia-Pacific region.
This project will bring additional supplies of EHCTM 50 and EHCTM 120 grades to the market, and up to 6000 bpd of extra-heavy base stocks, including the new Group II base stock, EHC 340 MAX.
EHC 340 MAX complements the viscosity range of the existing EHC slate with a base stock that is comparable in viscosity to Group I bright stock but allows customers to blend a wide range of high viscosity finished lubricants where traditional Group I base stocks use is limited.
The new product is suitable for lubricants that require extra high viscosity, low temperature performance, high oxidation stability, high viscosity index, and a high flashpoint, which is critical for high temperature applications.
Intended applications include gas engine oils, marine lubricants, greases, engine oils, industrial oils and gear oils.
“ExxonMobil is introducing a unique high-viscosity Group II clear and bright base stock at a large scale,” said Todd Sepulveda, vice president of Basestocks & Waxes at ExxonMobil.
“We will produce EHC 340 MAXTM using proprietary technologies that allow us to manufacture a product with performance attributes that differentiate it from other high-viscosity base stocks.”
ExxonMobil’s Singapore refinery produces a range of fuels and base stocks for industrial and automotive lubricants, and aromatics that are marketed within Singapore and exported to countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

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