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ExxonMobil has flowmeters approved in Singapore bunker tankers

ExxonMobil Marine Fuels & Lubricants (ExxonMobil) says two more of its chartered bunker tankers in Singapore have had mass flowmetering systems approved by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), bringing its number of approved vessels up to three.

According to the company, the flowmeter system can save vessel operators up to three hours and $7000 (€5000) per delivery. The system measures fuel mass directly, eliminating problems associated with volume measurements and human error while also saving time.

ExxonMobil said in June 2012 it was the first fuels supplier to adopt a mass flowmetering system approved by the MPA, and the port authority recently announced that in the future it plans to make the use of flow meters mandatory for bunkering in Singapore.

Measurement data is logged throughout the whole process, increasing traceability and transparency, and the system also has calibrated, certified meter tamper-evident seals fitted by Singapore authorities

'Recent media reports further highlight that fuel quantity shortages remain an ongoing issue facing marine operators, and the expansion of ExxonMobil's mass flow metering capability will help to address this,' says Iain White, field marketing manager for the fuel and lubricants division.

'With an average bunker delivery costing approximately $600,000, the mass flow metering system helps ensure that marine operators get what they pay for.'

The system was developed in collaboration with the MPA and the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board (SPRING) Singapore.