Evides Industriewater completes project for chemical manufacturer

One of Europe’s largest wastewater treatment and water reuse companies – Evides Industriewater - has announced the successful completion of a project with a leading manufacturer of chemical products.
The Botlek Central Wastewater Treatment Plant (CAB) in Rotterdam processes industrial water for the 85-hectare Huntsman site located at the port and - as part of this project – the installation of a reaming bridge has been successfully completed.
The bridge reamer – which has been placed on the settling tank of the treatment plant – will collect sludge enabling it to be pumped back into the purification process.
Colin Robinson, business development manager at Evides Industriewater, said: “The onset of COVID-19 meant we were concerned whether this critical piece of the project would happen. In the meantime, we had a project timeframe we simply had to meet and the need to deliver on this was imperative.
“Taking all the necessary safety precautions triggered by COVID and ensuring the absolutely safety of the team at all times, Evides was able to successfully deliver the project flawlessly and on time.”
Based in Rotterdam, Evides Industriewater is a wastewater treatment and water reuse businesses and is the company responsible for the build and development of the Botlek Central Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Port of Rotterdam.
The plant – although being built for Huntsman - has the capacity to process the wastewater not only for the chemical manufacturer but also for a large number of other companies operating in the area.
As such, CAB will accommodate future growth of the Rotterdam Port and will regulate any peaks in the volume of wastewater.
Evides Industriewater has been operating in Rotterdam since 1968. It supplies 100.3 million m³ of process water and purifies 98.8 million m³ of wastewater every year.

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