Evides completes study for green hydrogen projects

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Evides Industriewater has completed a feasibility study on the supply of demineralised water to large-scale green hydrogen projects.
The study was undertaken using Evides’ existing water supply network at the port of Rotterdam.
Water is the essential ingredient in green hydrogen production - the feedstock that is broken down via electrolysis into its constituent elements of hydrogen and oxygen.
For hydrogen production, the required guarantees of the high-quality feed water are more than 10 times as stringent as normal demineralised water.
After six months of analysing its existing demineralised water, Evides is confident they can meet the strict water-quality demands of large-scale green hydrogen.
The feasibility study included analysing and adjusting water quality on the whole network and has proven that the company can guarantee the levels of quality required.
In addition to the quality of water supply, Evides already guarantees security of supply to existing network customers, with a dual piping system to each customer and 10 hours of water storage at its treatment plants to always ensure continuous supply.
Evides designed, financed, and built the water treatment plants and distribution network at the port and operates and maintains the system, providing guaranteed quality demineralised water to its customers.
Evides expects major growth in green hydrogen across Europe, so the demand for reliable, high-quality demineralised water will grow rapidly.
The company is now planning how to expand production at its current demineralised water plants in Rotterdam, Terneuzen and Eemshaven, to meet the demand for green hydrogen.
Colin Robinson, Evides' business manager UK &and Ireland, said: “Water quality is the critical issue in hydrogen production, closely followed by sustainable sourcing and security of supply. If the UK is to achieve its hydrogen production goals, water needs closer examination. Not only is water in short supply in some areas, but as the technology takes off, the expertise required to provide quality supplies will be in demand.
“A network, such as the ones Evides operates in Rotterdam and Antwerp, is a more practical, sustainable, and cost-effective solution than individual producers building their own water treatment plants.”

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