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Euroflo pumps support into Wheelwash systems

Specialist pump supplier Euroflo Fluid Handling is working with Wheelwash by incorporating its products within the latter company's systems for heavy vehicle and wheel washing requirements.

Two pumps are supplied for the self-contained and re-locatable Rhino units; one being a 22kW Aquafit 80 x 65 x 200B end suction pump, feeding spray bars at a constant 5 bar pressure. The second is a Grindex Salvador sludge pump responsible for returning dirty wash water back to the storage tank for recycling. Euroflo says that, when fully operational, some 1,500 litres per minute can be circulated through the system.

The Powerwash total vehicle cleaning system also incorporates a 22kW Aquafit 80 x 65 x 200B end suction pump, and Spraywash, a vehicle wheel and under-body cleaning system, utilises a Grindex Master 'H' submersible drainage pump for spray bar operations as well.