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Ethanol plant and pipeline plans in Napa Junction

AP News reports that south-eastern South Dakota, Napa Junction is to be the location of a new ethanol plant. Officials are also considering the construction of a private natural gas pipeline in the area.

The idea to bring a new ethanol plant to Napa Junction has appealed to several companies. AP News reports that since the opening of a grain shuttling facility as well as the construction of a new pelleting plant, the area has seen a lot of activity over the past year and a half.

According to AP News, ethanol businesses are still finalising details, but officials have established a cost-effective option to feed the ethanol operation.  General Manager of Dakota Plains Matt Winsand, states that the plan is to build a private natural gas pipeline for the area northwest of Yankton.

Windsand also said that the pipeline would cost up to $33 million (€28.9 million) and could benefit other nearby areas. “Nothing’s been set in stone with the state. But they’re willing to listen to the options that we’re bringing to the table. It’s not a Napa Junction pipeline fix; it’s a southeast South Dakota opportunity.” Windsand told AP News.

A conditional-use permit for the ethanol plant is to be considered by the Yankton County Commission on the 28th December. The commission’s chairman Todd Woods has expressed his support for the plant, “For me it’s a win-win. If the ethanol plant comes to fruition, it’s another place for our farmers to sell their grain and get a better price for their grain.”