EnviroGear releases jacketed G Series internal gear pumps

EnviroGear, part of PSG, a Dover company and manufacturer internal gear pumps, said its G Series Internal Gear Pump is now available with jacketing.
Specifically designed to enhance the G Series Pump’s temperature control and stability, these new jacketed pumps are suited to handle a variety of challenging applications such as carbolic acid, liquid sulfur, roofing manufacturing, general chemicals, bitumen, paint, chocolate, molasses, waxes and heavy fuel oil.
The G Series’ jacketing system efficiently heats the seal area and pump internals to maintain process temperature and integrity during operation.
This ensures high-freeze point liquids remain in a fluid state when processed through a G Series pump. The jacket also provides faster pump startup and reliability when compared to a cold pump.
“We’re very excited to be introducing jacketed G Series Pumps to the EnviroGear product line,” said Michael Coburn, EnviroGear product manager. “Not only do these new jacketed pumps greatly expand the current application range of EnviroGear G Series pumps, but they also provide a tremendous benefit to manufacturers who prefer to utilize one brand of pump across their entire operation. These manufacturers no longer have to mix and match pump brands based on the application. They now have the option to outfit their entire facility with both non-jacketed and jacketed G Series Pumps from EnviroGear.”

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