Entegris launches InVue suite of monitoring solutions

Entegris, a provider of yield-enhancing materials and solutions for highly advanced manufacturing environments, has launched a newly branded suite of products designed to monitor liquid chemical delivery systems used on process tools in semiconductor manufacturing.

The products, to be marketed under the InVue brand, allow monitoring liquid processes by providing a real-time ‘window’ into critical process parameters.

The initial suite consists of a series of chemical concentration monitors, integrated flow controllers, flowmeters and oxygen sensors that are primarily used in CMP, plating, and wet etch and clean applications.

According to Entegris, the new products are designed to support greater process efficiencies in front-end-of-line, back-end-of-line, and sub-fab liquid chemical delivery systems by enabling reduced chemical costs and increasing wafer throughput.

Four different products will be initially included in the new InVue suite.

The InVue Integrated Flow Controller is designed for point-of-use chemical blending and dispense in ultrapure liquid chemical applications, as well as DI (de-ionized) water and slurries.

Two models are available, the NT 6510 for low to medium flow rates (15 millilitres/minute to 1,250 millilitres/minute), and NT 6520 for medium to high flow rates (2.5 litres/minute to 40 litres/minute).

Both products have been updated to include new pressure sensing technology with temperature compensation designed to minimize errors during process fluctuations.

Additionally, the valve-seat and diaphragm in each are designed to minimize dead volume and fluid shear, reducing the possibility of process contamination.

The InVue Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is an optically-based high sensitivity luminophore sensor targeted for high purity chemical plating tool and bath applications.

The sensor is housed in a PTFE enclosure to monitor dissolved oxygen in metal-reactive plating chemistries, improving device yields, extending process chemistry lifetimes and lowering operating costs, according to the manufacturer.

The InVue CR 288 and InVue NX 148 Chemical Concentration Monitors provide real-time information for point-of-use chemical blending, spiking and dilution without process intrusion or interruption.

Each employs a PC-based graphical user interface for data collection, analysis and field calibration.

The systems also use a refractive index technology that measures the refraction of light in the process fluid, resulting in a repeatable means of measuring liquid concentration.

The InVue Vortex Flowmeter is designed for basic flow measurement in high-purity DI water and some chemical dispense applications.

Available in two models, the JMA Series and the JMB Series, each is designed to be mounted in-line with existing piping systems and features no moving parts for reduced particle generation.

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