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Enerpac announces ZE2, ZW2-Series Pumps for production and workshop environments

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Enerpac has unveiled its new Enerpac ZE2 and ZW2-Series electric pumps for manufacturing and workshop applications requiring productive flow rates, quiet operation and simplified controls.
They are especially suitable for applications in a facility or location where an air-line drop is not available, feasible or desired.
In addition, the ZE2 and ZW2-Series pumps can be used for long periods without overheating and provide an improved total cost of ownership.
The ZE2 pumps are ideal for manufacturing operations and workshops performing stationary assembly and fabrication applications, such as pressing, bending, punching, lifting, and positioning.
They can be combined with or integrated into another piece of equipment.
The ZW2 workholding pumps are ideal for manufacturing operations machining their own parts, contract machine shops, machining fixture builders, and automotive, off-road equipment, aerospace, and general manufacturing. The pumps work well for stationary work holding applications such as small machine tools, pallet coupling for small circuits, assembly presses, and test cells.
The electric powered ZE2 and ZW2 pumps have a 6.8 litre, steel hydraulic oil reservoir, they are ideal for customers who do not require the higher flow, oil capacity, complexity and cost of larger pumps.
The pumps operate with 0.56 kW induction motors and have greater longevity than universal motor pumps.
Compared to universal motors, they also have a lower dBa and lend themselves to stationary versus portable applications.