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Endress+Hauser launches new chlorine dioxide sensor

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Endress+Hauser has unveiled its new Memosens CCS50D chlorine dioxide sensor. The company claims the new product supports the safe and effective disinfection of clean drinking water, pathogen-free cooling water and high quality process water.

According to the measurement and instrumentation specialist, the new product has been launched to address compliance with limit values of disinfectants. High doses of disinfectants such as chlorine and chlorine dioxide can become toxic.

The Memosens CCS50D features a convex membrane made of dense, dirt-repellent material which it is claimed prevents soiling and makes the sensor extremely resistant to biofouling. Meanwhile, ultrasonic wielding of the membrane to the sensor camp aims to ensure its stability and prevent dilution of the electrolyte.

Endress+Hauser lists a range of possible functions for the new sensor, including delivering reliable disinfection measurements at low flow rates to prevent water loss, precise dosing of chlorine dioxide in the food & beverage industry, and increases in process up time.