Enabling optimum use of existing water data

Cloud-based applications are providing water utilities with more resilient and flexible network management options, enabling them to make better use of existing data, writes Josh Britton, global product manager at technology specialist Ovarro.
The water sector is under continued pressure to make operations more efficient but in many cases, ageing IT systems are holding back progress. With budget constraints meaning the replacement of all legacy systems is not an option, advancements in cloud-based analytics tools are providing cost-effective operational enhancements in areas such leak detection and alarm system management.
Technology provider Ovarro is working in partnership with several UK water utilities to develop software tools that enables them to gain clearer insights into what is happening on their water and wastewater networks. In many cases the new tools are utilising data that has already been captured, but which previously had not been streamlined or managed effectively.
Ovarro’s Alan Cunningham, a subject matter expert, explains: “A lot of our water company clients talk about being data rich, information poor. They’re collecting vast...

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